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Staging Rental Properties to Attract Renters and Maximize Your Income

Staging rental properties and homes is a surefire way to attract quality renters and maximize your revenue. With today's competitive rental and housing market, it's more important now than ever to set your rental property apart from the competition. So, how can you do that? This article will discuss how you can make your rental property appealing to desirable renters and increase your income. With these easy-to-implement tips, including vacation property staging, you'll set your rental property apart from the competition.

staging rental properties in North Carolina is a speciality of SYH Design, a home staging company.

What Compels People to Rent One Vacation Home Over Another

When it comes to finding the perfect vacation rental, there are a variety of factors that influence people's decisions. Location, budget, amenities, and size all play an essential role in helping potential renters decide on their ideal space. When your goal is to attract renters to your vacation home over another comparable vacation home in the area, you're essentially competing with local competitors. These competitors include homeowners who are renting a portion of their home, homeowners who are renting out an entire home, and a vacation rental company. Ultimately, the key is setting your rental property apart from competitors by highlighting your property's assets and desirable features.

How to Highlight Your Rental Property's Best Features

Once a person or family has decided on a vacation destination, they're likely to navigate to a vacation rental website or organically search for vacation homes in Outer Banks, NC, for example. There are a few key features you can focus on to encourage users to click on a book your listing.

Use Photos to Highlight Your Rental Property's Best Features

When browsing rental properties, the first and arguably most important feature users browse is photos. When listings pop up, the first feature users typically look at is the listing's photos. For that reason alone, it's crucial that your vacation property have distinct features that set it apart from other vacation homes in the area. If your budget allows, we recommend hiring a professional photographer who will know the perfect angles to highlight. Plus, a professional photographer is well-versed in producing professionally staged photos that speak volumes when your listing is showcased on a vacation rental website such as Airbnb or VRBO.

Hire a Professional Staging Company for Staging Rental Properties

Before you can snap the perfect photo, you're going to want your space arranged perfectly. Staging rental properties includes having furniture arranged in a way that makes the space look spacious, airy, full of natural light, and aesthetically pleasing. Since not all of us have the time or eye for interior design, hiring a professional staging company is the best way to ensure your rental property is optimized for photos. A professional design team, like SYH Design, has over 15 years of interior design experience and knows how to arrange furniture, stage lighting, and match furniture to your property's style so everything works together perfectly.

A staged master bedroom in NC.

Common Questions and Answers About Staging Rental Properties

When we work with homeowners, there are a few common questions we get asked. To help ease your mind, we're sharing those questions right here.

Does a staging company use my property's existing furniture?

While we can't speak for all staging companies, our North Carolina based staging company typically does not use your property's existing furniture. However, if you want us to stage your property using some or all of your current furniture, we're happy to utilize it. But if you want our design team to carefully select pieces of furniture that will best complement your space, we're very happy to choose and stage furniture that works best with your rental property. In addition, our team may bring in complementary vases or other design elements to enhance your space.

Interior design trinkets are strategically placed. Features include a globe.

What rooms are most important to stage for a vacation rental?

If you think about yourself from a renter's perspective, you want to highlight the rooms that guests will spend the most time in. For many vacationers, those rooms include the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Essentially, you want to showcase a space where guests can easily envision having a great time in a comfortable space. That's because more and more vacationers are opting for personalized and unique accommodations to build memories somewhere they feel is a home away from home.

How much does home staging cost?

The cost of home staging varies depending on your property's size, location, and number of rooms you want to have staged. Each property our team stages varies in cost, but we are always upfront with our clients in regard to cost. One thing we can guarantee is that our design team will provide you with a design consultation and provide you with a custom quote based on your desires.

Is it worth the money to stage a home?

According to a recent survey, staged properties sell 3-30 times faster than comparable nonstaged properties. In addition, home staging can increase the sale price by an average of 20%. In addition, staged rental properties can attract vacationers easier and justify a higher rental charge. In short, the cost you pay for home staging services outweighs the cost for several reasons. 1. Renters are willing to pay a higher price to stay in your vacation home when it's well-designed and reflects a cozy atmosphere. 2. You can continue to reuse and showcase the photos that were taken after your property was staged. In other words, those photos will last for years to come and be a selling point for your rental property.

Vacation Property Staging in North Carolina

For your rental property staging needs, contact SYH Design today. First, our design team will meet with you and assess your property's needs for home staging. Once we determine your rental property's furnishing needs and other design elements via a design consultation, we will provide you with a custom quote. Vacation season is just around the corner! So, give our team a call today at  336-851-1351 or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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