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How to Create the Perfect Modern Farmhouse Interior

Modern farmhouse interior design has become all the rage over the course of the past few years, fueled by a desire to embrace both the comfort of the traditional and the simplicity of the modern. In the world of home staging and commercial design, it has become especially popular, thanks to its ability to make everyone who enters feel right at home. 

If you’re looking for a way to bring that modern farmhouse interior into your space, here are some of our favorite tips.

What is a Modern Farmhouse Interior?

While “modern” and “farmhouse” may seem at first to be contrasting terms, the combination of both aesthetics has proved to be a huge hit among interior designers, architects, and homeowners alike. 

Modern farmhouse interior design

A “modern farmhouse” design is characterized by the blending of these two seemingly disparate styles. “Modern” elements of the design can be seen in clean lines, a lack of clutter, neutral colors, and minimalistic details in these spaces. On the other hand, the “farmhouse” is emphasized by the integration of traditional pieces, natural materials, and a sense of comfort and coziness. 

In other words: If you’re looking for a clutter-free and stress-free space that elicits a warm and refined environment, modern farmhouse interior design is the perfect choice. 

How to Create the Perfect Modern Farmhouse Interior

Whether you’re looking to add just a few extra touches to elevate your space, or you’re embarking on a major home renovation, the modern farmhouse aesthetic can be attained with just a few easy-to-follow guidelines. 

Use Natural Materials

Organic and natural materials are key to the modern farmhouse interior. Pulling in these touches helps to convey a connection to the outdoors, and a sense of practicality in the space. 

Wooden floors and exposed beams are hallmarks of the style, as well as butcher blocks or natural stone countertops. Smaller details in natural fabrics and finishes are a great addition, too. Consider cotton or linen curtains, woven rugs, rattan accessories, and plenty of flowers and plants to bring more life into a simple space. 

Keep Your Color Palette Neutral

Traditional farmhouse style doesn’t typically shy away from the colorful and clashing. That’s all well and good, but it’s also where the modern farmhouse style deviates from its predecessor. 

The modern farmhouse keeps it classic and streamlined by sticking to a neutral color palette. Soft, nature-inspired colors tend to be the ones most often used: think creams, beige, brown, gray, and light greens and blues.

Embrace the Eclectic 

While this style may not embrace color contrast, it doesn’t shy away from the eclectic in other ways. After all, even the label “modern farmhouse” is a bit of an oxymoron: the classic, traditional, and practical juxtaposed with the clean, industrial, and minimalistic. 

Make the most of that unexpected combination by incorporating the old and the new, the high-end and low-end, the simple and ornate. 

Avoid the Cliches

Because farmhouse interiors have been so popular in the past few years, there are a few hallmarks of the style that have already outstayed their welcome. If you want to keep your space feeling fresh and timeless, avoid these cliches:

  • Mason jars: Yes, they are helpful and practical—in moderation—but it’s safe to say we’ve exhausted the potential of mason jars as decor. Keep them in the kitchen for organization, or repurpose them as candle holders for a charming centerpiece, but try to avoid the Pinterest pitfalls of using them in absolutely every spare space. 
  • Shabby chic: “Shabby chic” is sometimes confused with “modern farmhouse”, thanks to a few similarities. Both rely on traditional design elements, embrace natural materials, and usually stick to a light or neutral color palette. However, shabby chic design is usually more cluttered, more distressed, and altogether less modern. Veering too far into this design can leave you with a home that’s more “Little House on the Prairie” than a “modern farmhouse”.
  • Barn doors: If these are your style, more power to you—but those sliding barn doors that were all the rage five or six years ago tend to make a home look more like, well, a barn. Keep the cleaner “modern farmhouse” look by opting for french doors or even an archway. 
Modern farmhouse interior French doors.

Let Your Style Shine

Most homeowners are drawn to the modern farmhouse interior design because it combines the clarity and calm associated with modern design with the warmth and personality of the more pastoral and traditional elements. To keep that warmth and personality alive, it’s important that you let your personal style shine. 

Showcase family heirlooms, and your favorite antique or ornate furniture, or use pops of your signature color to add some fun to a streamlined space.

Don’t Shy Away from the Industrial 

One of the quickest ways to bring the “modern” into the “modern farmhouse” is with the addition of industrial elements. Exposed brick, iron accents, concrete, pendant lights, and leather are all trademarks of the industrial design that has risen to popularity with the same strength as the modern farmhouse. 

These touches can add warmth, visual interest, and a modern twist. 

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