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Commercial Design Services

Elevate your community clubhouse and amenities with commercial interior design services from SYH Designs that will appeal to more residents and tenants.

Our Commercial Design Services

Show off stylish spaces and offer sought-after amenities that will attract more residents with commercial interior design solutions from SYH Design. Our design company works with apartment communities to elevate exteriors, increase the appeal of community clubhouses, and stage model units to display your properties to their best advantage.

Our comprehensive commercial design solutions and turnkey staging services will improve the experience of your current residents as well as increase sales and leases in your properties.

While residential interior design focuses on creating spaces that reflect the owners’ unique aesthetic and lifestyle, the goal of commercial design is to create interior and exterior spaces that meet the needs of the client while appealing to their target market.

At SYH Design, we specialize in curating custom designs for apartment communities and vacation properties.

Clubhouse & Amenity Spaces

A clubhouse should be the hub of your community, offering delightful amenities that bring people together to turn residents into neighbors while increasing the beauty and value of your property to your target market. We design interior and exterior spaces that aren’t just beautiful, they are thoughtfully curated to suit your community needs. This can include creating multi-functional spaces within the clubhouse to include a business center, coffee bar, and entertainment lounge as well as elevating exterior spaces around your pool, courtyards, and even dog parks!

Apartment Unit & Model Staging

In every commercial interior design project, we thoughtfully select fixtures, furnishings, and decor to ensure your model unit appeals and connects with your ideal residents. We believe in  more than beautiful design — we strive for believable design in which visitors see themselves living there, building a life and creating memories.

From highlighting the historic appeal of a renovated building to showcasing the space and functionality of an open floor plan in a new build, we will maximize the potential of your property and display it to its best advantage for both in-person tours as well as in digital and print marketing materials.

Why Choose SYH Designs for Your Commercial Interior Design Services

At SYH Designs, our background is in multi-family housing, so we understand the unique needs of this industry and market. Our team is committed to creating engaging commercial design that elevates your property and increases interest from prospective buyers or renters. Whether we are designing a clubhouse in an apartment community or staging a model unit, our team understands the necessity of curating spaces that connect with your ideal audience while creating an asset value that stands up to use as well as time.

Our Process

Unlike most commercial interior design companies, we offer fully comprehensive and turnkey services in a multi-step process that ensures full satisfaction. It all starts with the consultation and design development stage in which we discuss your needs and goals for the project, whether it’s a multi-use amenity or a model property, and collaborate with your marketing team to establish your target audience.

With the design boards approved, we will begin the interior design steps, selecting and sourcing furnishings and fixtures as well as paint, flooring, and decor elements. To ensure the design is implemented properly, we guarantee a hands-on process and are there during installation to set up, stage, and finish the project to 100% satisfaction!

Areas We Serve

We work with multi-family property owners, vacation properties, and housing development companies across the Southeast, including:

North Carolina

North Carolina

South Carolina

South Carolina








Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Design

We understand you have questions, and while we hope to answer them below, don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have!

Absolutely! Adding furniture not only shows a sense of scale and how rooms can be set up, it also helps the prospective buyer or renter to see themselves living there which increases engagement and connection.

Check out our Commercial Interior Design Guide

In addition to the clubhouse, we can also elevate the appearance of a pool, pavilion, courtyard or other outdoor spaces. We will choose pool and outdoor furniture, lighting, and decor items to make the area more inviting, functional, and attractive to both current and potential residents.

Yes! From beach homes to city lofts, we create comfortable and luxurious designs for vacation rentals that hold up to frequent use and create a home-like experience for your guests while embracing the geographic location.

Yes. In addition to working with architects and development companies to design newly constructed clubhouses and model homes, we also can transform an existing building and breathe new life into old spaces.

Every clubhouse we design is different because every community is different! If your target market is retirees in a resort community, the needs and wants of the residents would be significantly different than those of an apartment community geared towards 20-something professionals in an urban area. During the consultation and development discussions, we’ll discuss what kind of uses you want for the clubhouse and create a design that brings those ideas to life. Multi-function clubhouses may include spaces for:

  • Business center
  • Gym or workout area
  • Cafe, kitchen, or coffee bar
  • Event center for parties or gatherings
  • Entertainment centers
  • Play area for young children
  • And more!

Regardless of the functionality, we ensure that we select durable, attractive furnishings that hold up to heavy use and won’t become dated over time so your clubhouse looks fantastic for years to come!

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Display luxurious amenities and show model units to their best advantage with commercial design services from SYH Designs. To learn more about our turnkey solutions and set up a consultation, call us at  336-851-1351 or fill out the contact form below to get started.

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