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Commercial Design for Clubhouses & Community Amenities

Elevate your community or apartment complex clubhouse and amenities with commercial staging

Commercial Design

Today’s renter wants more than a place to live. They want convenience, luxury, and a sense of community. SYH Designs helps you provide exactly what your ideal residents are looking for with commercial design and furnishing solutions for clubhouses and amenities. We design multifunctional clubhouse spaces and exterior amenities that cultivate community while elevating the appearance of your property and increasing asset value.

The result? More long-term residents and more signed leases for your apartment complex or housing development!

Why Choose Clubhouse & Amenity Staging and Design? 

A clubhouse can act as a central hub for your rental community, but too often, they stand vacant and unused. Whether you have a dated building or you’re ready to build one, we can turn it into a thriving gathering place for your residents by creating the multifunctional spaces your residents want. Our design team can designate and design spaces to be used for:

  • Business center
  • Conference and event spaces
  • Cafe and kitchen areas
  • Entertainment lounge
  • Dog parks
  • Exercise and fitness center

From coastal chic to urban modern, we can implement a dynamic design style that suits your brand and appeals to your residents. Just as important, we select furnishings and fixtures that are not only attractive, we specialize in durable design that stands up to frequent use and traffic.

SYH Design doesn’t stop at the clubhouse. Your outdoor amenities are just as important to existing renters and prospective residents, and our design solutions can help you leverage these assets to their fullest potential. Our team will create an exterior design that brings residents outdoors and enjoying the lifestyle your property provides by revitalizing your community pool, pavilions, and courtyards.

Turnkey Commercial Design for Apartments

SYH Designs offers comprehensive commercial staging solutions for your community. We are onsite and hands-on to ensure 100% client satisfaction from the first consultation through to the final setup.


The process starts with sitting down with you to discuss your property, determine your needs and goals, and set the parameters of the project so we’re all on the same page right from the start.

Design Development & Space Planning

Our design team will work with your marketing and branding team to ensure our design aligns with your property style and appeals to your target market. We’ll provide digital design board presentations to show you our vision for the space as well as identify and define how each space can be used.

If your company is in the construction process, our design team will review architectural construction drawings and collaborate with them on the space planning process and finish selection.

Design Selection

With plans in place, the design selection begins. We blend beauty and function as we choose finishes, furnishings, and fixtures for the clubhouse and pool spaces, including:

  • Paint colors
  • Flooring, including carpet, tile, or other materials
  • Lounge and dining furniture
  • Conference room furnishings
  • Pool & outdoor seating
  • Lighting and fixtures

The finish elements, such as the paint and flooring, will be included into schedules and provided to the general contractor.


We don’t just choose the design, we put it into action. The same people who select the furniture, fixtures, and features are also onsite during installation and setup to make sure the process goes according to plan.

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Schedule a Consultation for Commercial Interior Design

If you want to attract more residents, elevate your marketing, and improve the quality of life of your current residents, we can help you make it happen. Schedule a consultation to discuss apartment and clubhouse commercial staging today by calling  336-851-1351 or filling out the contact form below.

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