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Vacation Property Staging in North Carolina

Maximize the potential of your vacation home

Vacation Property Staging Services

Staging your rental property might seem like a lot of time and effort. The idea of spending money to invest in the staging of your rental home can seem daunting and confusing, particularly when you haven’t booked any clients yet.  Many landlords make the mistake of not staging their vacation rentals because they believe a great location, the size of the home, or what the house itself offers will lock in potential tenants. 

While location, size, and amenities are important to renters, the thing most people are looking for when traveling is to find a place where they can visualize themselves and their loved ones having a great time. Fewer and fewer travelers look to book pretentious and pricey resorts or run-of-the-mill hotels. More and more vacationers are opting for personalized and unique accommodations to build memories somewhere they feel is a home away from home.

Why Stage a Vacation Rental

The purpose of vacation rental staging is to showcase your property so that it appeals to the masses. If people are attracted to your rental home, it will book and ultimately earn you more money! Just seeing an empty open space or a simplified room that mimics the look of any hotel isn’t enough to compete with other rental properties around you.

Vacation Property Staging Can:

  • increase your bookings, resulting in revenue
  • encourage positive reviews, which demonstrates reputability
  • help visitors to envision themselves in the space
  • showcase how to best utilize features of the home
  • draw focus and attention to the most appealing rooms
  • set your vacation property apart from competitors

Travelers want to feel like their rental stay is comfortable, personable, and worth their hard-earned money. Having professionally staged pictures to showcase on your website is the marketing detail that will set your rental apart from just any random place to stay. A staged vacation property allows customers to visualize themselves in your space and presents them with an experience that will not be just a random place to eat and sleep. 


Conceptualize and Executing a Design

Vacation rental staging is not much different than staging a non-vacation home for sale or rent. First, you must conceptualize a vision of what you want your vacation property to look like and what ways you will make it feel welcoming to guests. Decide if there are areas or rooms in your rental property you want to highlight or draw focus toward.  Depending on your vacation home’s location, you will want to consider the types of activities you want to encourage guests to partake in.

Is your rental property located near a family-friendly beach or is it situated in the heart of a romantic city? Where your rental is located may impact the theme of your space. Having a theme means you understand and cater to the type of tenant your home attracts, ultimately influencing the ambiance and design details presented in the home.

Themes should not be overdone to every single detail. The family-friendly beach-adjacent home doesn’t have to be cluttered with seashell art – it can simply be clean, fresh, and minimalistic, with lots of natural light and soft linens. The romantic city getaway can avoid cliches by being styled with a chic and modern approach. 

Will your staged vacation property be contemporary or glamorous? Will the rooms be filled with classic, streamlined furniture or will there be a hard, industrial-edged approach to design? Is the space well-suited to a fun, color-popped retro feel or would rustic finishes and fairy lights make more sense? 

The sky's the limit for ways to develop ideas to execute when staging your vacation property. 

With the help of the professional design team at SYH Design, staging your vacation property can be easy, stress-free, and executed no matter your budget! Our expert interior designers and home stagers will walk you through everything you need to know to help transform your home, room, or rental space into a sought-after vacation destination.

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